About Us

Chefs and co-owners Luca Valerin and Robert Pantusa have been bringing authentic Italian cuisine to the Montclair food scene for fourteen years. Luca, a native of Padova, and Robert, an American whose family hails from Celico, met working in the kitchen of the esteemed San Domenico in Imola, Italy. In 2003 they opened Osteria Giotto, named after the great painter from Padova who valued above all else the artistry of simplicity and the appreciation of home.

People, life, and perspectives sometimes change: after thirteen years, the chefs decided Osteria Giotto was no longer a good fit for them and their families, so they closed the restaurant’s doors. At their new venture, Café Giotto, customers will find a mix of old favorites (homemade pasta, gelato, and everyone’s favorite lasagna) with new creations (pastries, panini, and pizza). What hasn’t changed is Luca and Robert’s passion for cooking. With each pastry or pasta dish, their invitation is clear: here. This tastes like home.